About Aum Studio

Viktoras Kormilcevas. (1960 ; Vilnius) founded “AUM studio” together with Aušra Kormilceva as a sequel of previous company and as a mark of opening for new ideas and partnership.

The very beginning of architecture practice started in complicated historical time. He graduated VISI (now it’s the VGTU – Vilnius Gedemina’s Technical University) as architect , urbanist . The talent was noted and nominated in a row of start contests . Despite conflicts with existing TSRS ideology and its law enforcement during the studies , was also nominated as a leader of TSRS Young Architects Biennial in Moscow ; for the best LTSR project of the year (Stereo – Video Theater project). The member of “SIKON” founders.

As the time of changes in Lithuania was changing situation for all, it changed situation for many going projects, realizations and companies.

Now heading In “AUM studio “ (Archiectura Urbanus Modus ) together with Aušra Kormilceva. He always was more interested in practice of architecture, so refused to make lectures or lecture in University.

“Architecture is something what you see inside and can’t explain at first. Despite all the calculations of law, many different interests – you can see what is the best and by working find it out.

All inspirations are in nature – you just have to perceive it. Architecture – for people, not for architect. So you have to understand much more the space we live in , what is , what makes it better – then anyone.

Architecture is determined by historical ,political and cultural surrounding. It’s always different situation , always different creation.”

Viktoras Kormilcevas
Aušra Kormilceva

Aušra Kormilceva. ( Dumikaitė; 1981; Plungė) started work with Viktoras Kormilcevas in 2004 and the start project was marked by LAS (Lithuanian Architect Union) as the best interior of the year for it’s complexity.

She graduated VDA ( Vilnius Art Academy) department of architecture.

After some years of intensive work in company, joined as one of the founders of new name company – “AUM studio”. It goes with new projects and new contest winnings.

“ I found architecture as a space , not as a ‘tough’ thing. The space is always determined by light – it is what is going on inside the limitation of situation you have “outside”.

It’s always new. The form comes from researching specific space, script , conception of organism . The project place can give more answers then you have in your head already.

So architecture is not personal self – realization – it’s responsibility to note and materialize the structure which already exist despite anyone.

"The real Realization – is the point space which generates harmonious thoughts to bigger space – surrounding. It’s always in context. It’s always becomes context also.”


Klaipeda / 1985

Encouragement p.

City block regeneration project /Turgaus sq.,Ankštosios st.,Daržų st.,Šaltkalvių st.

Vilnius / 1986

II Place

Administration building of Vilnius House Building Complex / Savanorių pr.

Vilnius / 1986

II Place

Store project / Liejyklos g., Totorių g.

Anykščiai / 1986

II Place

Horse Museum project/ Niūronių c.

Vilnius / 1987- 1988

I Place

Stereo - Video Theater project / Tilto st.

Vilnius / 1987

I Place

Project of disposition of territory between industrial area and living area. Industrial accent project.

Vilnius / 1993

I Place

Blūdžius - Photo living house and administration building project / Švitrigailos g.

Vilnius / 1998

I Place

Lithuanian inhabitant genocide Museum project/ Aukų st. 2

Vilnius / 2001

II Place

Renovation of Old Hall Bazaar

Vilnius / 2003

I Place

Reconstruction of Rest - House “Gabija”

Vilnius / 2003

I Place

The factory “Karigė”conversion to living space

Vilnius / 2004

“AS”- the best interior of the year”

Interior of Apartment/ Žygimantų st.

Vilnius / 2007

I Place

Lithuanian National Historical Archive (LVIA);Renovation project/ Gerosios Vilties st.

Vilnius / 2009

I Place

“UMI” (Užupis Art Incubator) complex

Telšiai / 2010

I Place

The House of Social Services. Convertion of old Kindergarten space/ Gedrimai c.

Zarasai / 2011

I Place

Sport complex “Island”



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+370 640 56717